Kratos Capital Announces The Acquisition Of Dakotaland Autoglass By West Edge Partners

Kratos Capital
December 22, 2022

The acquisition will help Dakotaland Autoglass continue their expansion throughout the Midwest while also growing West Edge Partners’ portfolio.

Lake Norden, SD: Kratos Capital is excited to announce the acquisition of our client, Dakotaland Autoglass, by West Edge Partners. The deal was closed on November 1, 2022.

With 12 locations stretching across 4 states, Dakotaland Autoglass is one of the largest distributors of automotive replacement glass, paint, and equipment in the Midwest. The company was founded in the mid-1970s by Daryl Anderson and his wife Margo as a collision repair business. In the ensuing years, Daryl and Margo grew the company into the wholesale distribution giant it is today.

West Edge Partners is a team of entrepreneurial investors with multiple capital sources that invest in growing, privately held businesses across the country. Thanks to their hands-on, tailored approach, companies are able to accelerate their growth and operations more so than they would on their own. West Edge Partners’ main focus is to help companies achieve sustainable, long-term growth, and that is exactly their goal with their acquisition of Dakotaland Autoglass.

About Kratos Capital: Kratos Capital is a privately held mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that helps our client manage various liquidity solutions. We tailor our services to be specific to each client, ensuring they receive several attractive initial offers. Most of our clients close a deal at or above the upper end of our initial valuation range.

For more information on Kratos Capital, visit the or Completed Transactions. For press inquiries regarding the acquisition, please call 972-843-7500 or email

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