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Kratos Capital is a privately held mergers & acquisitions advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas. Our senior investment bankers have experience creating and managing varying liquidity solutions unique to each client.

We know that the personal attention given to each client makes us unique and gives our clients the upper hand in an M&A transaction. At Kratos Capital, we believe in offering peace of mind that a transaction through us is a solid, financially strategic move.

Whether your desire is a merger, growth capital, acquisition, or recapitalization, our firm can make a market for you, and ensure you’ve made the right choices for your family and business. We specialize in helping middle-market businesses with:

  • Sales
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  • Divestitures
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  • Mergers
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  • Expansion Through Acquisition
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We are an experienced, highly effective firm specializing in managing transactions with capitalized values from $25 million to $300 million. Our industry-tailored investment banking expertise helps owners maximize the value of their investment of time, money, and hard work.

Our bankers comprise an aggregate of over $1 billion dollars in completed transactions, resulting in over 200 deals completed in the private middle-market.

The Principals at Kratos Capital bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a variety of strategic solutions to each transaction they handle.

We measure the success of our process by the outcomes it produces. Routinely, our methods result in attractive initial offers, and clients closing a deal at or above their initial valuation range.

kratos capital m&a advisors


5.0 / 5.0

The Kratos Capital team was 100% dedicated in ensuring a successful outcome of our transaction. Not only was the team available and responsive 24/7, but the senior-level attention was clear from the start and helped us navigate challenging, industry-specific issues that required true expertise. Result - 11x's all cash offer!

Michael Davis

Capital Distributing, Inc

Confidence - that is the true, defining takeaway from our experience with Kratos Capital. In every phase of the deal we received personalized, relevant and strong counsel that gave us the confidence that we were making the right decisions the whole way through. There is no doubt in my mind that they were uniquely suited to provide the best possible service with their intelligent, forthright and determined approach. They are absolutely the guys you want on your side of the table.

Seth Mitchell

ReedMitchell Agency, Inc.

Kratos Capital managed our process beyond our expectations. We felt the Kratos Capital team structured our deal in a way that put more money in our pocket at closing. Our family would welcome the opportunity to recommend Kratos Capital as the “go to” firm when selling a sizable middle market business.

Ron & Becky Armstrong

Clear Guard Products, Inc.

I am pleased to say when I met Kratos Capital, that they took the time to evaluate our market potential and several deal probable outcomes. The team not only told me they could complete our deal, but for more money - both of which turned out to be true. Kratos originated over six offers for my business. The firm had a great handle on the closing process, in addition to negotiating a very favorable equity agreement for me and the other shareholders. Ultimately, the final purchase price netted an 84% premium, higher than any unsolicited offer we ever had received prior to engaging the professionals at Kratos Capital. Simply stated, we received a better deal because of the services provided by Kratos Capital!

Regan Quaal

Albie’s Foods, Inc

After interviewing several potential investment banks, I felt the team at Kratos Capital was the most knowledgeable. Their boutique feel meant I wouldn’t get lost in the mix. The sale of my business proved my decision was the right one. I would highly recommend Kratos to anyone who asked.

Stuart Feldman

Gulf & Basco

Kratos Capital provided unmatched, hands-on, senior-level attention throughout my transaction. The team worked tirelessly to execute a highly disciplined process in order to maximize my sale price. Not only did Kratos provide expert negotiating support, but the team also devised a unique transaction structure, which overcame a potential deal breaker and created additional shareholder value.

Dave Meheen

Meheen Manufacturing, Inc.

Kratos Capital exceeded our high expectations in every way. From start to finish, they were singularly focused on ensuring the transaction closed by managing the deal and their client in a professional manner.

Sage Harrison

Trinity Private Equity

We felt Kratos Capital provided resources above and beyond our expectations. Had we not gone with Kratos our deal would have hit snags which couldn’t have been overcome

Joe Villanueva

President - Protech Global Solutions, Inc.

The Kratos Capital team was great to work with. Their industry knowledge, M&A experience, and professionalism were invaluable in completing this complex transaction and creating a successful outcome. They treated our sale process with considerable care and attention, were with us at every turn, and left no detail, no matter how small, to chance.

Jim Lee

Palmer Tanks Of Texas

Kratos Capital did an outstanding job representing us on the sale of our company. They are very knowledgeable bankers with high integrity and a great network.

Terry Gilmore

Permian Machine & Fabrication

Kratos Capital is a recognized name in the middle-market M&A community. They are creative, tenacious, and skillful deal makers who focus on seeing that their clients are successful.

Johnny Kidd

Chief Executive Officer, Oil Works

The Kratos Capital team applied industry and process expertise to examine the potential buyers who allowed us to zero in on the perfect buyer for this complex business. The KC deal team worked actively with the Real Management team to bring this deal to a successful conclusion.

Rick Gasser

Chief Executive Officer, West Texas Plastics

During these unprecedented times, the Kratos Capital Team knew how to navigate. Kratos Capital completed our deal in three months from start to finish. Highly impressed!

Matt Skipper

J Reynolds, Owner

Kratos Capital will always get my recommendation for anyone looking for a middle market business sale / M&A advisory.

Sharla Stiles

AirRover Company


We understand that each company reflects the character and characteristics that its owners bring to it. No two companies are ever alike. Their exit strategy shouldn’t be either. Our core values, character, and unvarnished advice are the foundation of our endeavors. We provide our clients with a managed and balanced process from start to finish that is tailored to their transaction needs. We love our unique approach because the “cookie cutter” methods that other M&A firms provide rarely meet the expectations of the average client and tend to cause deal fatigue and frustration. We measure our success by the results we produce and the satisfaction of our clients.

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Investment banking conjures up images of Wall Street hot shots and mammoth blue chip corporations. In reality, mergers & acquisitions play a key role in the growth of mid-sized companies in every industry. Engaging the services of investment bankers can considerably enhance the sale of privately held businesses, providing critical valuation counsel, identifying the best potential buyers, providing a competitive auction and strategizing ideal terms. The benefits of working with firms like outs is measured in both money and time.

A successful outcome begins with a proven process. Our focus is always on how decisions along the way impact the outcome. Below is a top-level overview of the transaction process, giving you a glimpse of what to expect when you decide to sell your business.


Before engaging in a transaction, we take the time to educate our clients about all the alternatives available in today’s market. We conduct extensive company and industry due diligence to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, economic benefit and finally competitive niche. This includes discussions about your personal and financial objectives as well as range of value expectations. We make sure you have proper expectations and thorough understanding of the entire process before we begin so you can make the best decisions for you and your company.

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Kratos examines your company from the perspective of a potential buyer or investor. We work closely with you and your management to develop our detailed, confidential, Offering Memorandum that tells your company’s unique story—the skill of your leadership team, and the competitive advantages you have developed. Valuations don’t sell businesses; the proper forward looking buy-side mindset, including a low risk, scalable business does! We accomplish this critical launch point by proactively researching purchasing behavior in our client’s industry, either through our direct relationships, or through our vast libraries of transactions. Our deal team doesn’t use broad brush strokes. The Kratos deal team builds the market with our client involved and approving our reach out every step of the way.

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We know the middle market, and middle-market buyers know us. As a result, we can present your business on a confidential basis to a large group of qualified and interested buyers, both strategic and private equity, and family office’s. We don’t send out mailers, or list your business on a website. That’s just flat out lazy. Our process accomplishes this critical momentous launch point by proactively reaching out to every potential buyer personally. Again, our deal team doesn’t use broad brush strokes. Doing so can and will damage confidentiality. After our client approves their mutually exclusive market build, our deal team develops the proper pitch, rolls up their sleeves, and goes to work. Kratos has a well-documented history of success, where other firms have fallen short. This is the result of experience as well as the proper neoclassical outlook. Everyone talks about the HIGHEST value for their client’s business. Most advisory firms fail to create the optimum economic benefit required to get the highest price – that’s the Kratos advantage!

Once we’ve established the preliminary commercial terms of your deal, we manage as well as help you, your accountants, and attorneys navigate through the due diligence process, contract negotiations, and closing.

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