Our firm was formed with the goal of giving individual clients like you the focus and attention you and your transactions deserve. Quality over quantity perfectly sums up our vision of success. Our ability to lend our expertise and commitment to a limited number of clients affords us the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

The word “Kratos” means mighty with great strength and power. By focusing our attention on a more select number of clients, we achieve our goal of excellence in our field. We pride ourselves on our values, our tenacity, and our ethical approach to business. The power of focus is at the core of the Kratos Capital culture.



We work in a high risk, high reward industry. Our team is composed of dedicated industry experts who specialize in mid-market mergers & acquisitions. We are driven by the simple desire to personally manage the sale of high quality companies.

Our expertise is in managing transactions with capitalized values from $5 million to $200 million. Our bankers comprise an aggregate of well over one billion dollars in completed transactions, complimented by 75 years of combined deal making, on behalf of the private middle market.



Our diverse set of transaction experiences enables our team to deliver the sophisticated skills required to execute large transactions with the sensitivity to understand the issues unique to middle-market businesses.

Our principals are members of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA). The AM&AA is the premier international organization serving the education and transactional support needs of middle-market M&A professionals worldwide. The Alliance was formed in 1998 to connect CPAs, attorneys, and other experienced corporate financial investors and advisors. These professionals are among the most highly recognized leaders in the industry−drawing upon proven capital resources combined with a think tank of transactional expertise to better serve the many business investment needs of middle-market companies from around the globe.




Clients like you are putting their life’s work into our hands. Mutual trust is critical. Our bankers ask that our clients be open, honest, and forthright about their goals, their company, and its operations. In return, our bankers are held to the same standard. We must be able to trust each other to wisely manage and protect our clients’ interests and to provide clients with unvarnished counsel and advice.


As experienced bankers we can do a lot by ourselves. However, it takes a strong, professional team to create a balanced process that maximizes the value of our client’s company and deliver realized results. Our bankers are a part of a team, which includes market researchers, financial auditors, capital market relationships, CPAs, legal professionals, and finally, post-acquisition integrators. In addition, working with Kratos as an established firm, provides our bankers access to other experienced bankers who can provide additional assistance, if needed.


Working with Kratos means having a banker who understands your business as well as how to manage a major financial transaction for each unique company. This is like getting married. Personal chemistry is important. Our bankers understand clients like you have both personal and financial goals. We trust you will be comfortable and confident listening to our advice and guidance. This is one of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make in their professional life. Kratos will make sure we have a good fit from the start. Expectations are deal success critical; therefore, our bankers take the time to properly set realistic client expectations from the onset.


Major financial deals are not completed overnight. There may be unforeseen issues to be addressed along the way. Some will be simple, some complex, and some demanding; our experience will be the mitigating factor. Our bankers anticipate and stand beside our clients with their goals at the top of their mind. Our bankers do the heavy lifting, and refuse to give up. Our bankers always have a backup plan, and are willing to do whatever it takes to successfully close the deal.

Our team is made up of dedicated, industry veterans who are not driven by greed, but by the simple desire to assist business owners and clients realize their dreams. What really sets us apart, however, is our desire to do what the larger firms simply can’t − to carefully and personally guide our clients through the transaction process with the individual attention they deserve.

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